Munson & Associates LLP

About Us

Munson and Associates is a full-service transactional Real Estate Law Firm with offices in Boston and Quincy. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions, as well as zoning, permitting, and conservation. We understand that few moments in a person’s life can bring more stress than walking through a Real Estate transaction. Having the right representation while you navigate buying, selling, leasing, or zoning/permitting issues, will not only impact your outcome, but it will also impact how you feel throughout the process.

Whether you’re an individual buying your first home, you’re a business navigating frequent commercial transactions, or you’re a real estate professional, Munson and Associates LLP is trusted by many as their Firm of choice. Our care for our clients stands out, and we feel confident you’ll notice the difference. Call us today and schedule your consultation.

Who We Are

Munson and Associates is led by Attorney Britton Munson. Attorney Munson specializes in the transactional side of Real Estate law and is considered by many of his clients to be a valuable asset because of his background as a property developer and an Attorney. Prior to practicing law, Attorney Munson developed both commercial and residential properties, and brings to his practice a perspective that a consumer often doesn’t find in the market.

Real estate is his profession and hobby, and as he hires support staff and Attorneys, he looks for individuals that feel the same about the industry. In his down time, you can find Attorney Munson scrolling through Real Estate listings and keeping up with the market trends across New England. Attorney Munson graduated from New England Law in Boston.

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