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In a Residential Real Estate Transaction, your lender may require that you obtain legal representation. Beyond any potential legal requirement to do so, having an attorney who specializes in Real Estate Transactions offers several benefits and ensures that your interests are protected. Learn more about how our team works with buyers and sellers throughout their transactions.
Commercial Real Estate Transactions are notoriously complex, and you need legal expertise, guidance, and protection throughout the process. Having representation from an attorney who specializes in Real Estate is vital to successfully navigating potential pitfalls. Learn more about how our team can assist you with your Commercial transactions.

Landlords play a crucial role as the backbone of the rental market. Whether you own a single property or manage a vast portfolio, you face a myriad of challenges in ensuring smooth and profitable rental operations. Learn more about how we can help with lease agreement drafting, legal compliance, property deals, asset protection, and dispute resolution. Currently, Munson and Associates does not offer legal services for those looking to resolve Landlord/Tenant Issues such as an eviction.

We play a crucial role in supporting clients through the zoning process, which involves obtaining necessary permits and approvals for property development or use. We have a deep understanding of zoning laws, regulations, and procedures, and provide valuable guidance when you’re looking to navigate the zoning process effectively. Learn more about Zoning.

When you’re looking to obtain the necessary approvals and permits from government agencies to develop, renovate, or use a property for a specific purpose, you need to successfully navigate the permitting process. We play a significant role in supporting you, ensuring your compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Learn more about Permitting.

The conservation process, which is the legal and administrative procedures involved in preserving and protecting land or properties for environmental or historical purposes, can be complex to navigate. We possess specialized knowledge and expertise in real estate law, environmental regulations, and conservation practices, allowing us to guide you effectively. Learn more about Conservation.

About Us

Munson and Associates is a full-service transactional Real Estate Law Firm with offices in Boston and Quincy. We specialize in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions, as well as zoning,permitting, and conservation. We understand that few moments in a person’s life can bring more stress than walking through a Real Estate transaction. Having the right representation while you navigate buying, selling, leasing, or zoning/permitting issues, will not only impact your outcome, but it will also impact how you feel throughout the process.

Whether you’re an individual buying your first home, you’re a business navigating frequent commercial transactions, or you’re a real estate professional, Munson and Associates LLP is trusted by many as their Firm of choice. Our care for our clients stands out, and we feel confident you’ll notice the difference. Call us today and schedule your consultation.

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